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Howdy! I'm Hunter Savage, a queer comic artist, illustrator, designer, and all around lover of bears. I'm an alumni of the Maine College of Art & Design and hold a BFA in illustration. I'm located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts and you can normally find me scouring the internet for reference and mood board pictures.I’ve made and organized several zines and have a print archived at the International Cryptozoology Museum. I have also publish several short comics with the Boston Compass Newspaper.Overall, I would consider myself a multimedia artist, for me— there is no singular answer to creating an illustration or comic, sometimes you can achieve what you want more with a medium you don’t normally use. Continuing to learn and improve upon your practice is something that I hold to heart. My motto is that if I cannot do it today, I'll learn how to do it for tomorrow. At the end of the day I love to be challenged with my art. I always ask myself the question of how I can improve, experiment with, or change my art and practices for the better.



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Stars & Spilled Milk

An anthology based on the alien legends found throughout the continental united states. Get the full magazine bellow.

Garbage to Gardens

An animated illustration made in collaboration with the
Maine based composting company
Garbage to Garden.

Hamlets demise

Based on the final scene in Shakespeare's Hamlet
The original scene only had Horatio holding Hamlet as he died, I decided to add all those that Hamlet had directly or indirectly led to their demise (plus his father who started the whole mess) to create a poster like final scene that gives you hints of the connection between all the characters.

Weenie Shop

A pun filled corner store that seems to be in need of a good ghost exterminator...


Illustrated typography of the word conspiracy and the implications it holds. Made in tandem with my 2022 thesis.

Alphabet Arcade

An alphabet poster based on the arcade games and machines I grew up playing.

Car Guts

A punny illustration based on the phrase "Guts of a car".

Manatee Habitat

A small personal project I made to see if I could create an infinite design around a mug.

Old Ocean God

Illustration of an Ocean God based off the look and feel of lighthouses and their keepers.

Dungeon Map

An sliced map showcasing a mysterious dungeon and the area in which you can find it.

Sera Seager

The Great Gatsby Cover

A personal project based on an idea I've had since The Great Gatsby was let into the public domain. The themes of greed and excess seem to be a universal constant within the backdrop of the united states, and as such, crafting a modern or semi-modern story centered around Nick and Gatsby would feel like an updated retelling rather than a new story.

Bugs on the brain

A fruity digital painting of what goes on when your head goes foggy and you can't think.


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The Tell Tale Heart

A mini adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell Tale Heart. Originally released in January of 1843 The Tell Tale Heart has been a gateway for young audiences to start exploring gothic literature for over 150 years. This comic was created a homage to that classic story.


A semi historical comic based on the accounts of Betty and Barney Hill. Two of the first people in America to ever report being abducted by Aliens. This comic cover's the account they give of the events leading up to the incident.

Roswell 1947

A short semi-historical comic that captures the events of one of America’s most well known UFO incidents: The Roswell 1947 ‘weather balloon’ crash. Made for my 2022 senior thesis

Sara Seager

This comic was made about one of the founders of the exoplanet field, Sara Seager. She has been tirelessly working on finding a new earth-like planets in the past few years and I think this comic captures what's led her on this journey.

What are promises?

I made this comic in a really short amount of time for the Clip Studio Paint International Comic/Manga School Contest 2020. It was made in just a couple of weeks and posted to CSPS home site. The prompt for the year was promise so I decided to create a 'map' of sorts through different kinds of promises and the consequences of failing and keeping them.


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Roswell 1947

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Sara seager

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Sera Seager

What are promises?

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The Tell Tale Heart

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